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MDR Anglers hosts up to 500+ youth to a fishing trip aboard the Betty O sportfishing boat out of Marina Del Rey. The youths are members of various civic youth groups like Boys and Girls Clubs etc. Most of our participants have never been out on a boat, and some have never seen the ocean.
Our Club furnishes mentors and fishing tackle to teach the youths how to fish, how to identify fish that are safe to eat, and how to filet fish for cooking. We teach the youths about the environment and conservation with "catch and release" techniques. During the outing we furnish nourishing snacks and drinks. We give them photographs with their catch and lessons about the marine environment. This program introduces our youth to one of the largest OUTDOOR participant sports in the world -- recreational fishing. This opens new horizons for many of the underprivileged. There are also career opportunities in this field which employs people fishing, wholesaling, retailing, manufacturing and marketing related goods and services. For more info see Youth Fishing section in our ARCHIVES.

MDR Anglers volunteers...

Also support the #KidsFishingInTheCity events at local parks.  Dedicated MDRA members attend the DFW and County Dept of Parks events at various times and at local lakes.  Where many children get their first experience fishing.  At lakes stocked with fish.  Often catfish.  DFG brings the rods.  Many volunteers from other groups show up too from LARR and WWSC and others supporting DFW.

The #FishingInTheCity program is helping to keep fishing alive for the future of sport and betterment of the Nature experience.

Teaching kids and their parents a few basics helps to take the stigma off of it and they are far more likely to go fishing or camping in the future.

The #MDRAnglers want to support fishing in the city and kids fishing.  If you know of some group of lake fishermen or kids school age that want to start a new Lake based Fishing Club at Moore Lake in Kenneth Hahn Park or any other local Los Angeles city lake, please let us know.  We may be able to sponsor them and offer start up help.  The DFW representative says that if he has such a group it will make his work easier to justify fish plants.   This November 5th of 2022 was sponsored with 1,500 lbs of catfish planted!

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