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Club Fishing Trip

MDR Anglers Fishing Trip & Meeting of July 13th 2023
was held on the Betty O

Thanks to Captain Mike Reinsch.


 Fish Report:

 On July 13th 2023 the MDRA membership meeting was held on the Fishing Trip.  We did some angler education work to help the membership enjoy a bit of time on the fundamentals of fishing.

Prior to heading out we held an important Safety Briefing for the members.  This Safety Briefing is especially important to all the Mentors that go on the many Youth Fishing Trips all summer long.  Not that fishermen and boaters in general don't need it too!  We all do.  Keep an Eye on the person in the water.  Toss some floatsom to keep an eye on the wind and currants that will affect the man overboard as the boat is maneuvered back to the person in the water... and so much more.

As soon as the brief was over we headed out and got going.  The crew was helpful as usual.  We enjoyed perfect So Cal Weather and a nice evening.  The food was good.   Burgers and snacks and even ice cream.

The first stop was a little slow to get  going and eventually did score us some fish.  Calico and Sand Bass but hard pickings.  So the Captain moved to a better spot that he thought had a bit less pressure.  He must have parked up with the boat right over the rock for the second stop.  Those on the rail along the mid ship section were the most successful.

In the end a new member was the lucky one with most fish and the biggest fish to win the Jackpot!  That's how we welcome the new guys to MDRA.  Congrats to Hiroo Nagahara on the Jackpot win.

Several other anglers had some good luck on the Calicos.  Almost all the Calico Bass were tossed back to grow up and be caught another day.  After all we Sportsmen love our fish.  Not just killing them.  But coming back to have another round of sport.

Marina Del Rey Anglers is here to help enable your Fishing Addiction.  Join us on our future fishing trips.


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