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Since 1995, the Marina Del Rey Anglers have operated one of thirteen White Sea Bass grow out facilities on the Southern California coast stretching from San Diego to Santa Barbara. Every year we receive upwards of 5,000 juvenile White Sea Bass which initially only measure 3 inches in length. At this size they are extremely vulnerable to predators in the wild and face a low probability of survival.
Club members volunteer their time to help raise the fish in protected enclosures until they reach 12 inches in length. Doing so greatly increases their chances of survival before being released into the wild. This program has helped the White Sea Bass population rebound from a near collapse into a flourishing fishery. These facilities are made possible by the Ocean Resource Enhancement and Hatchery Program. This program represents a unique partnership between California state resource agencies, public utility companies, volunteer user groups and the scientific community. By teaming up with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, Hubbs-Seaworld Research Institute, and the United Anglers of Southern California we have released approximately 100,000 strong and health fish into the Santa Monica Bay. Come help us continue this great program by becoming a member and help us take care of our valuable natural resource.
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